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Only children of planters were educated and higher education was only for those who could afford it. Plantation owners became the leading economic, political, and social forces of the South.

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In at the beginning of the worst years of the "Clearances", there were 26, inhabitants. Some mac,ay percent were blood relation Mackay's and were Gaelic language speakers as their ancestors had been for years.

While "mythical" historians relate a relation to the Clann Mhoirgunn Morganit remains that and nothing more. While certain portions of the Coat of Arms and later colors may have been adapted, they have nothing to do with the Beown actual history.

Morgan brown mackay

Per moragn and military septs allied to the Clann Mac Aoidgh, they are as numerous throughout history as the colors of the rainbow, from Frasers to Mackenzie, to Grant and Blair. Thus, it is quite okay for one to "ally" himself to any modern "Clan" should they so desire.

Morgan brown mackay

However, in doing so one is an anachronist or one who portrays history and not per se following the "modern" conventions of some form of "blood" relationship. That is merely a commentary on the situation as I see it here in Scotland!

Morgan brown mackay

Finally, on tartan. Tartan was not specific to Clann but to region--thus, the Gunn colors are similar to Mackay etc.

There is a very specific regional sett called "Strathnaver Mackay" which is dyed in the actual known colors of that region heather brown and grey-blue in the same pattern. I have them, much nicer than the "modern" Mackay I think, but only an opinion! To finish, Clann M'hic Aoidgh is one of the most famous and certainly oldest of the true Gaelic Clanns.

The horses are Bud and Cap. Harold painted houses or buildings in Pocatello then farmed for the most part.

Morgan brown mackay

He loved horses and always had one or more. He loved hunting and fishing.

He was a great father who loved his family.