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He married Angelique Benoit Bef. Children of John Dewolfe and Angelique Benoit are:

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Klzie married Angelique Benoit Bef. Children of John Dewolfe and Angelique Benoit are: Julie Jane5 Dewolfe, b. Thomas Andrew Dewolfe, b. Marian Dewolfe, b. William John Dewolfe, b. Docite Dewolfe, b.

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Alexander Dewolfe, b. Stephen Dewolfe, b. River, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Timothy Theophile Dewolfe, b. Remi Dewolfe, b. Mary Elizabeth Dewolfe, b.

Amelia Anne Dewolfe, b. Margaret Dewolfe, b. Child of Marcelline Landry and Unknown Cross is: i. Leon5 Cross. He was born Abt. Children of Anne Roy and Jean Mombourquette are: Omer Damien5 Mombourquette, b. Charles Luc Mombourquette, b. Julie Mombourquette, b. Honore Mombourquette, b. Alexandre Nazaire Mombourquette, b.

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Marie Anne Mombourquette, b. Philomene Mombourquette, b. Melanie Philomene Mombourquette, b. Maguerite Eugenie Mombourquette, b. Sabine Virginie Mombourquette, b. Children of Edward Roy and Elizabeth Deslauriers are: i. Marie Virginie5 Roy, b. Benjamin Remi Roy, b. Elizabeth Roy, b. Charles Hubert Roy, b. Catherine Angelique Roy, b. Hilaron Roy, b.

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Marie Catherine Roy, b. Children of Julie Roy and Patrice Mombourquette are: Charles Urbain5 Mombourquette, b. Remi Isaie Mombourquette, b. Thomas Antoine Mombourquette, b. Georges Amable Mombourquette, b. Joseph Xyste Mombourquette, b.

Lady kelzie in australia

Charles Patrice Mombourquette, b. Rose Ahstralia Mombourquette, b. Marguerite Rose Mombourquette, b. Pierre Simplice Mombourquette, b. Children of Appoline Roy and Abraham Marchand are: i.

Lady kelzie in australia

Margaret5 Marchand, b. Alexander Marchand, b. Andre Charles Marchand, b. Catherine Elizabeth Marchand, b. Simeon Marchand, b. Abraham Marchand, b. Andrew A. Marchand, b. He was born in Arichat, Nova Scotia Canada. Children of Marcelline Roy and Noel Leblanc are: i.

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Julie5 Leblanc, b. Arichat, Nova Scotia Canada.

Lady kelzie in australia

Sabine Leblanc, b. Thomas Leblanc, b. Charles 'Capt' Leblanc, b.

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Emilie Leblanc, b. Louise Leblanc, b. Siffroi Leblanc, b. Noel Leblanc, b. Elizabeth Benoit, 21 JulCambridge, Massachusetts; b.

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Benjamin Isaie Leblanc, b. Marie Virginie Leblanc, b. Child of Pierre Roy and Marguerite Longuepee is: She married Jean Hebert Abt. Children of Perpetue Boucher and Jean Hebert are: i. Mary5 Hebert, b. Marguerite Hebert, b. Sabine Hebert, b. Rose Hebert, b. Ursule Hebert, b. She married Stanislas Goyeche Bef. Children of Lucie Boucher and Audtralia Goyeche are: i.

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Eusebe5 Goyeche, b. Marie Goyeche, b. Stanislaus Hippolyte Goyeche, b.

Lady kelzie in australia

Judith Goyeche, b. Sophie Adelaide 'Adele' Goyeche, b. Eusebe 'Isaac' Goyeche, b. Angele Goyeche, b. Aime Goyeche, b. Claire Goyeche, b. Jean Simon Goyeche, b. Remi Edouard Goyeche, b. He married Emilie Hebert Abt. Children of Eusebe Boucher and Emilie Hebert are: Albert Simon5 Boucher, b. Eusebe Boucher, b. Brooklyn, New York; m. Marine Boucher, b. Andre Guillaume Boucher, b.

Gloucester, Massachusetts.